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One Skein Shrug

Every time I look in my stash and see only one skein of a colorway, I find myself wondering what on earth I’m going to do with that. So I made this pattern for orphan skeins. Just one skein is needed for this adorable shrug that goes with anything! I love seeing your work so share it with me using the hashtag #oneskeinshrug

Before I get into the pattern, I wanted to point out the three images in the bottom row above. These are the work of my beautiful testers. I have a lot of designs coming down that need testing, if you’re interested sign up to get tester notifications.

Now onto the pattern!

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Gauge: 20 dc x 10 rows = 4″x4″

This pattern comes in the following sizes, the measurement refers to shoulder to shoulder width:

  • xs/sm – 13-15”
  • sm/md – 14.5-16.5”
  • md/lg – 15.5-17.5”
  • xl-xxl – 17-19”


Yarn: 300 (330, 360, 390, 430) yards fingering weight

  • Yarn pictured is from summitrdfibers and handmade home fibers
  • Alternatives: summer nights by lion brand, woollike by loops and threads

Hook: 4.5mm/7 & 3.75/F
Yarn Needle for weaving in ends


ch: chain
st: stitch
sk: skip
ch sp: chain space
ss: slip stitch

sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
hdc: half double crochet
fpdc: front post double crochet
bpdc: back post double

One Skein Shrug Pattern:

Purchase an ad free version of this pattern here 


foundation: ch 74 (80, 86, 86)

row 1: dc in 5th ch from hook, *ch 2, sk 2 ch, dc* repeat across – (23 [25, 27, 27]) ch sps + turning chain)

row 2: ch 4, turn; *dc in ch sp, ch 2* repeat across to turning ch, dc in turning ch space

repeat row 2 8 (8, 11, 11) more times

row 10 (10, 13, 13): ch 4 turn; dc in ch sp, *ch 2, dc in next ch sp* repeat * 8 (8, 9, 9) more times, ch 41 (47, 50, 50). ss in turning ch of the row below – (10 [10, 11, 11] dc & 42 (48, 51, 51) ch)

repeat row 2 41 (43, 47, 51) times

repeat row 10

repeat row 2 10 (10, 13, 13) times

Finish Off



Locate the slip stitch made into the top of the garment to form the arm hole. count 10 rows in and mark the post of that stitch.

Fold the other side of the arm hole over and attach the yarn to the marked post and the first row. ss along the top to attach.

ch 4

row 1: dc in the first ch sp below.

Working along the arm hole ch 2, *dc, ch 2* in each ch sp. ss in the ch 4 space.

row 2: ch 4, turn; *dc in ch sp, ch 2* repeat ss in ch 4 space.

repeat row 2 8 (8, 11, 11) times FO

Repeat on the other side.


attach yarn to the right inside corner of your top as shown

row 1: ch 4, dc in next space, *ch 2, dc in next stitch* repeat up the side, around the neck and down the other side and stop – do not edge along the bottom

row 2: ch 1 turn; sc in ch sp, *5 dc in next ch sp, sc in next ch sp* repeat up the side of the body.

When you reach the neck 3 dc in next ch sp, sc in next ch, across to the other side. *5 dc in next ch sp, sc in next ch sp* repeat up the side of the body.

Bottom Ribbing:

Change to smaller hook

row 1: ch 2; 2dc in each space along the bottom

row 2: ch 2, turn; hdc in first st. *fpdc, bpdc* repeat to last st. hdc.

Repeat row 2 at least 1 more time. Continue to repeat until you run out of yarn or are happy with the width of the ribbing

Finish off an weave in your ends

Purchase an ad free version of this pattern here 

1 thought on “One Skein Shrug”

  1. There are quite a few scarf patterns that don’t need more than one skein. They may not be that long but look nice under a coat or feature a lace pattern and are a beautiful accessory for warmer days.

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